knitting in the south seas




Ooooh. Thank you to Miss Esther of Toggle I heard about South Seas Knitting.
Look! We can buy Habu! In Nyoo Zillund.
Look! I bought my first ever Habu. It’s pink.

And a pretty box set of cards for taking on the ferry and knitting lace.

Just because I have nothing else to do I also bought some stuff from the Cath Kidston sale – including a kite, which I’ve been wanting to get for Astrid for ages but never saw one nice enough and now I have and here it is. I also bought a red paisley box file with compartments for putting all my lovely buttons from Kirsten in because they’re just one of the Very Important Things that came in my suitcase.

Also, I probably ought to explain ever so slightly why we’re moving around and why we aren’t back in our old Mount Albert House. Well, that’s because our first tenants asked to move out after four months because they wanted to move to Australia – and because they were friends we said yes. But what that means is that our next tenants still had a one year contract and we need to wait until that time is up until we can move back in. So for now we’re moving to Parnell on Sunday.

And the good bit is we’ll be able to pick up the amazing oak china cabinet I bought the other week from this guy.

 (Yes, sorry, photos taken at night).






2 responses to “knitting in the south seas”

  1. kimberlee avatar

    well good luck with all that moving, it can be a pain, or an adventure. I feel for you with the two small ones but I can also tell you are taking the adventure approach and making the most of it.

    such beautiful knitting supplies, I want to learn to knit lace someday. Maybe you can help me when we are back to living in the same country, its good to have things to look forward to.

  2. lies avatar

    Alleluja – hhhhhhhhhhhhhhabu! And this treasure trove of yarns!

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