Missing: Marge the jack rabbit


Our very loved family rabbit Marge has gone missing. Marge is no ordinary rabbit, she’s a Love Creature Jack Rabbit and is an avid quilter with a large collection of fabric. She spends her time scouring vintage shops and garage sales and also has a large scissor collection. We’ve not had her long but she’s already left a gaping hole in the family.

Marge was lost today between Foodtown Quay Street and Balfour Road in parnell and we are desperately hoping someone might have found her.

If you have seen Marge or if you know of anyone who might have news please get in touch.






18 responses to “Missing: Marge the jack rabbit”

  1. kielz avatar

    Oh no! You should twitter this!!!

  2. di avatar

    Ahhgk! I hope she comes hopping right back very soon..

  3. hanna avatar

    oh no! I do hope you find dear wee marge!

  4. Libby avatar

    I hop she’s having fun and comes home soon

  5. melissa avatar

    terrible news. crossing my fingers and toes that she comes back soon.

  6. claribell avatar

    oh dear! i bet she’s visiting some old biddies in a fabric shop. or maybe eating the roses in the rose gardens. i hope she’s back soon

  7. q avatar

    she’s gorgeous! i hope you will find her soon.

  8. Jen avatar

    I hope she’s home soon!

  9. claire avatar

    oh no! i hope marge finds her way home soon. fingers crossed x

  10. Cori avatar

    You could try sending this to [email protected] for her column in the Herald – Sideswipe

  11. CreatureofHabit avatar

    Rats! Poor Marge…. I really like her eye. I hope you find her.

  12. Ravenhill avatar

    I do hope she turns up!

    I haven’t been visiting for awhile and I see you have moved! I hope you are happily getting settled!

    I have missed reading your blog posts. They are so refreshing, honest and cheecky. Love to visit you!
    ~Emily xx

  13. Lindy avatar

    hope she is found soon!

  14. lies avatar

    Hello blog, you look fresh and new! Like.
    We are lookin for her!
    -L x

  15. erin avatar

    oh my! i hope she makes it home safely. i don’t know what we would do if we lost our love creatures!

  16. Michelle avatar

    she’s a very handsome rabbit! Fingers crossed she turns up in the washing basket by surprise.

  17. lois westwood avatar
    lois westwood

    I’ll keep this short because previous tries say ‘not proper address’
    Loved Marge’s Nefertiti profile. Sob.
    *Persuade Harbour News newspaper to run pathetic article showing weeping Astrid holding Marge picture. ‘Grieving child can’t sleep without precious bunny’.
    *Put a LOST postcard on Foodtown noticeboard. Stick a little picture on it.
    *Locate mulberry wool.
    love to all Lois

  18. cynthia avatar

    think about contacting Sideswipe in the Herald to help find Marge. She’s helped people reconnect with lost items in the past….and yours is a good story, having just moved back to NZ

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