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    Okay, so this comment has nothing to do with anything, but…

    {pauses to take deep breathe}

    My younger sister and I have this long-standing rivalry about which of us will visit New Zealand first. And for some reason, I have this sneaking suspicion that she’s planning a trip and isn’t telling me — because she knows I’d then buy a plane ticket just to beat her there! So she’s probably thinking that she’ll just surprise me by sending a postcard or something.

    {pauses to fume about sneaky younger sisters}

    So… it just occurred to me… Would, by any chance… if I wrote her a postcard, put it in an envelope and mailed it to YOU, would you be willing to then turn around and post it for me from New Zealand. So that it would then LOOK like I had visited New Zealand first? 😉

    {pauses to listen, in case older sisters around the world applaud}

    Would you, possibly, maybe?

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