As you might see I am buggering about with Facebook here on my blog. I’m connecting my wall feed and I’ve just installed Facebook Connect – which means you can use your Facebook login for leaving comments – and you can share my blog posts on your wall if you like.

Who would ever have thought. I’ve been an avid anti-Facebooker for ages now and I’ve finally seen the light. I just wish they’d redesign their interface. I know I certainly have some work to do on mine since I’ve added all this stuff.

And then one day I’ll write a proper blog post. I know I keep saying that.

Tonight I missed the NZ premier of Handmade Nation.







3 responses to “Renovating”

  1. heleen avatar

    and we missed you too!! it was a good movie; the first hour I saw of it…

  2. CreatureofHabit avatar

    Well great, so now I’m all alone in my anti-facebook club? Rats.

    I will never see the light!!!!! Or the Twitter light either!!!!! Nevahhhhh!

  3. julia avatar

    ahh yes, i’ve finally given into facebook too. and i kind of love it. though i’m still working on admitting that out loud. glad to see you back here a bit more. hope the getting settled is going alright…

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