I miss Waiheke

A small tribute to our time on Waiheke.

I really loved it there and miss it a lot. Getting up early and watching the moon set over the hill. Freezing cold walks down to the bus stop in the dark. We’d catch the bus to the supermarket once a week – kids in backpacks and slings and we’d get a taxi back, Waiheke style – Edith tucked into my seatbelt.

We couldn’t walk very far though and we’re enjoying being able to walk for miles and miles now we’re in the thick of things in Parnell. There’s a market just down the road from us twice a week and we can walk in all directions to the city, the domain, the waterfront and the museum.

Still though. I miss Waiheke. It was so quiet and peaceful and it felt like proper New Zealand all lush and green and remote. Every day we’d walk past the beach and up the hill and I’d always stop and look out.

At the clouds and the water and every time I’d stop and say I’m going to miss this.






8 responses to “I miss Waiheke”

  1. lottie avatar

    it sounds like you found a little piece of paradise there. i hope you get to go back.

  2. Anja avatar

    It looks so beautiful. I never cease to be amazed by the fact that New Zealand is on the other side of the planet to us. And I’m reading this. It *is* quite amazang, really, isn’t it?

  3. Nicola avatar

    Waiheke looks lovely, I’ll have to pay a visit next time I’m up in Auckland.

  4. CreatureofHabit avatar

    Looks like paradise, I can see why you’d miss it.

  5. Lindy avatar

    It looks amazing. I really get a sense of space there.

  6. chez danisse avatar

    Everything looks so serene and peaceful–lovely…

  7. Christy avatar

    glad you liked your time on our little island. we’re rather attached to it ourselves. you’re welcome back anytime:)

  8. Judy avatar

    We missed your Waiheke stay! What a shame-I would so love to spend time with you, Charlotte. We are home now. Haven’t got your email address. Have you got mine? Judy

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