Month: September 2009

  • is your recipe the best in nz?

    Enter here and find out.

  • only 39 days

    … till we move back to Mt Albert !

  • oh

    set your mistakes free.

  • little glowing lights

    Discovered via Yvonne, Little Glowing Lights has some lovely printed tea towels and calico shoppers!

  • an awesome world

    Hey, I just got an email from Dallas Clayton about his new Awesome World Foundation. Every time he sells a book, he’ll also personally give one away. He’s been on tour with his book and made a really cool video about it which you can watch here.

  • I just bought…

    the first tickets to a show since I went to Madame Butterfly three years ago. This time though it’s tickets for Dorothy the Dinosaur. Also, Queens Wharf is open to the public on Sunday – definitely will be taking the camera.

  • There were photos

    But they’re just not here. Oh yes, here’s one now. On Monday. Monday it was. Doesn’t life make you laugh sometimes. Here I sit at the table. Laptop at my fingers. Pretty tablecloth by whateverhernameis drinking earl grey on one side from a massive cath kidston mug and on the other I’ve got a glass…

  • I just joined 10:10…

    … to take responsibility for reducing my carbon footprint by 10%. Will you?