Month: October 2009

  • Bureau for Visual Affairs

    After months of looking I’ve tracked them down. My favourite design agency. I am also very much loving salted herring and ocean design.

  • Lovely NZ

    … is back! I’ve merged all the sites and we’re now running everything out of Lovely NZ. Please add it to your bloglines – now I’ve got my iPhone hooked up with a decent camera – and to wordpress we’ll be updating regularly.

  • Mexican specialties

    My new favourite shop. Each weekend we make the pilgrimage for refried beans, pinto beans and a good look at their menu. One day we’ll go for lunch. Marua Road, Ellerslie.

  • Sunday sunday

    Hot today. Hot and cloudy. First post direct from the iPhone. Ace!

  • what’s your favourite native bird?

    Vote at the Forest and Bird Society. Here

  • don’t see much

    … of this lot lately. Last night I worked till 1am and I started at 7 this morning. That’s what you get I suppose being an art directar at a big agency.