Back in the groove



There are four piles of fabric. My sewing room is organised.

Tomorrow I’m going to look at linen. For curtains. And tonight I’ll start pinning Astrid’s new quilt.

Today I placed my first order from Purl in a very long time, with not a care about import duty or English postal taxes. I got queen quilt batting, and nani iro oilcloth. How could I not get nani iro oilcloth?







5 responses to “Back in the groove”

  1. erin avatar

    here’s to some sewing! have fun! (just got a box from purl myself…)

  2. Helen avatar

    Thanks for linking to my blog, I’ve just moved to here

    if you want to update your info.

  3. Jen avatar

    Nani Iro oilcloth…
    might have to place an order myself.
    (hope you and the kids are doing well Charlotte!)

  4. Megan avatar

    Yay! And indeed, how could you not?

  5. wendy avatar

    Love how simply you put the fact that you are sorting things, starting new things, buying things, planning things. It helped me think about my pile of stuff and overdue curtains and my other projects that never seem to come to an end

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