Gardening with intent

So much to write and show and so many emails to ask if things are ok and they are. I am gardening with ferocious intent. My camera cable breaks after thirty images download and I’m too lazy to do buy one after one failed attempt.

Mimi had her first birthday and I need to do last year’s Blurb family album. I cook, I garden, I play with the kids, I go to work and sometimes I clean. Or sew astrids curtains. which really ought to be finished by now.

And then there are all the things I want to do but don’t; including knitting, making moisturiser, baking muffins, digging a vegetable patch, cutting down deadish shrubs. But I have ordered heirloom Elderberry bushes. Five of them. From Sarah at Edible Garden. And we planted beans and lemon trees this weekend. And I washed the carport. And cleared the front garden. And Astrid helped. We’re going to become members of Koanga so we can access their rare heirloom seeds.

For winter we’ve ordered a small orchard of heirloom trees suited to the Auckland climate; Almonds, a Walnut, a Nectarine, Apricots, Cherries and a Quince. We’ll be planting the Elderberries this weekend, creating suburban hedgerows.

Not a jot of sewing or knitting is being done. Expecially now Astrid’s the head gardener (and cake baker), and Mr Green Rabbit (one of Dawn’s Jacks) has the vision. He’s the one giving the instructions.






3 responses to “Gardening with intent”

  1. C. avatar

    All that planting sounds exciting! It’ll be wonderful when they all start bearing fruit:)

  2. lottie avatar

    this all sounds completely divine and good reason to be away from the computer. lemon trees! so nice.

  3. Megan avatar

    Your new header is stunning. I am SO jealous of the gardening.

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