Garden notes

This is our winter order from

Yesterday I actually sat on the front porch and enjoyed the sun and the new roses and thought about where I’d plant the new grapes.

All the hard work is paying off – it’s a pretty good feeling being able to sit down and enjoy the garden.

1 almond – self fertile $24
1 apple – KOANGA hayward wright $26
1 apricot – KOANGA tamaki $26
1 nectarine – KOANGA black pearl $26
1 walnut – wilson’s wonder $50
1 quince – taihape $22
1 cherry – compact stella $24
1 grape – KOANGA black dalmation $16
1 pear – KOANGA triumph de vienna $26

PS. Yes, photos all gone from flickr. Will be sorting them out this end evenings… more new Blurb books and photos back on the blog.

Spending quite a bit of time discovering the joys of twitter too. Pardon the french. It’s what working in advertising does to you.






2 responses to “Garden notes”

  1. di avatar

    Oooh- you’re going to have a wonderful orchard there!

  2. Lisa - Alterity avatar

    I can’t wait for the snow to melt off my garden so I can plant pea seeds!

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