The story of the 1px squiggly line

This is what happens when you delete your flickr account without a moment’s care or hesitation.

Especially when you were trying to be all clever and link all your photos from flickr.
And then one night you just recklessly delete your flickr accounts.

Without a care in the world.
And I’m terribly sorry but I’m not too worried about all the sudden missing flickr images.

It’s all about the idea.
Missing flickr photos. Bah, so what.

If you want something to look at, look at this.






4 responses to “The story of the 1px squiggly line”

  1. lottie avatar

    i thought i saw you gone form flickr today.
    hello! hope all’s well. and you’re warmer than freezing, baltic, blighty.

  2. Lisa - Alterity avatar

    don’t feel bad…happened to me with Picasso. I was too lazy to go dig up the photos again and repost them 🙂

  3. Adrienne avatar

    remember me? I bought your old mac from you..what’s your email address I want to send you something

  4. louise avatar

    hello and welcome back! so glad to hear you are at school – which kindy? how time flies! loved your winter order – we are on a serious edible garden bender here even though its heading for winter.

    take care,

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