Just ask Amelie

Lost for words.

Deleted and deleted.

After the past few days I have asked myself what’s really the point? I think I have. Where are the big hearts? And there, today, the most beautiful wonder appeared – and I simply thought, well, I just can’t stop smiling. And I smiled and I smiled and I rang estate agents and rang and rang; and all the time I unwrapped beautiful beautiful pieces of pieces and handmade and japanese and the most incredible red bowl – and I didn’t have to think what have I done to deserve this – because I know.

The first thing I did was open the ring.

Hahha – and THAT was the story I was going to tell you. And that was the thing that made me smile and laugh and want to write before it all crashed (the computer) and I forgot.

So the other night I was SO annoyed – and driving home on the motorway – and was SO annoyed that I took my engagement ring off and it tried to stay on – but I chucked it out the window on the north western motorway. It tried to hold on – it’s been like the Lord of the Rings this ring for so long.

Beautiful but hideous and it’s always been a huge curse. And I chucked it and out it went and it was finally GONE.

I went to throw it in the water one night in rarotonga but the crabs were all chattery and I was terrified and ran away. And so many times I have tried to get rid of the damn thing. It’s been cursed. So chucking it out the window on the motorway was so choice; and to have this beautiful black ring arrive; with such lovely books. I have kept the pink things for Astrid tomorrow.

And I can’t believe the enormity of the chanel box. So in three weeks I shall ask the new black ring to get us a garden flat. Just like Amelie. You know how we decided to go to London? An Amelie question; if Ocado stocks Weleda we go to Europe. And guess what; they did, and so we are.

The Amelie method is most definitely the best way to make decisions.
If the courgettes are dark green today then I will go to London.
If the courgettes are yellow, we will go to Paris.

There; off you go and see what colour they are.

ps the wedding is still on. One day. And it will be here.






2 responses to “Just ask Amelie”

  1. Alison avatar

    Boxes arrive, filled with treasure, to remind you. To remind you that there are always choices, always things to find, always treasures hidden amongst the discarded empty vials.

  2. Sian avatar

    Does this mean what I think it does…please do tell more I have just arrived back in this part of the world..after 3 yrs with my family in the UK and Iam so torn- conversations about going back here too…but it all seems so enormous…


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