Month: May 2010

  • Magical England

    Ah look. Here we are again. Back in civilisation. Back into the Garden of Eden. The magical English summer is upon us. Or perhaps we are upon it. The gentle sun. Pretty trees and hedgerows, wildflowers by the roadside, a sparkling river and¬†friendly, helpful people, happy to talk about the glistening weather. Today we move…

  • No photos please

    All of a sudden Astrid won’t let me take her photo. And the camera lead crapped out. So there haven’t been many photos of late. But there will be soon. Because soon soon we’ll be back in London, back on the Heath, back on our epic walks around villages, around the Heath, up to Hampstead…

  • Roderick Road

    We’ll be back here soon.

  • I miss

    Mr Cat. Come home Mr Cat. x

  • London shopping list

    Florist measuring cups from anthropologie Someone said the real reason we’re going ¬†to the UK is the shopping. And, while we may have laughed loudly at the time, it is more than likely the truth. Gorgeousness from anthropologie homewares department. Especially these, these and this. And these.