London shopping list

Florist measuring cups from anthropologie

Someone said the real reason we’re going  to the UK is the shopping. And, while we may have laughed loudly at the time, it is more than likely the truth.

Gorgeousness from anthropologie homewares department. Especially these, these and this. And these.






7 responses to “London shopping list”

  1. suzy avatar

    Love those measuring cups. And keep the shopping links coming. We’ll be in the UK in a few weeks and it’s great to have suggestions.

  2. k avatar

    I feel poorer already

  3. erin avatar

    when will you get back there? we’ll be visiting london in june….

    1. charlotte avatar

      we arrive May 23rd ! Let’s meet up. At long last :0

  4. eireann avatar

    can’t wait can’t wait! and those measuring cups are INSANE. dude. seriously.

    1. charlotte avatar

      Hey miss erieann. Let’s do Lantana with Erin xoxox

  5. Tiel avatar

    these are so sweet. i’m tempted to buy some online.

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