No photos please

All of a sudden Astrid won’t let me take her photo.

And the camera lead crapped out. So there haven’t been many photos of late. But there will be soon. Because soon soon we’ll be back in London, back on the Heath, back on our epic walks around villages, around the Heath, up to Hampstead shops, coffee and lunch ingredients from Carluccio’s.

Our Mt Albert house is nearly all done, tarted up – and it will have a big for sale sign out in front of it before the week is out. Then we’re off on a big European adventure!



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5 responses to “No photos please”

  1. Fiona avatar

    That IS exciting, Charlotte. (The move, not the camera situation). Good luck with the sale! xo

  2. CMN avatar

    OH. Oh my goodness! I can’t believe you’re heading back to London! As a simple blog reader, there’s this maddening feeling that I actually know you :-), and then suddenly… off to London you go and I’m thinking ‘wait, but wha??, whY!?’. LOL! Yep, reminds me that, oh, right. I’m not actually real friends with Charlotte. 🙂

    Well, whatever the reasons may be… Congratulations and good luck to all of you on your latest adventure! I’ll be looking forward to all the latest & greatest that you care to share. …. Are you timing it just right so that you’ll have a long year of almost nothing but summer? How lovely!

  3. lyn avatar

    You have to go where your heart takes you, good luck back England. As the old saying goes you have to break a few eggs to make a omelet. Sometimes it takes a few moves to get it right to sort out in your own minds what is right for you. Hope it is all you want it to be. Take care..

  4. Tiel avatar

    but you just got there.

    i’ve never lived in Europe, but I’d imagine there would be much to miss.

    good luck.

  5. charlotte avatar

    oh my! how have i missed all this. my feed reader, that’s why… it hasn’t been updating. gah. you’re coming back!! that’s such lovely news and you sound very excited. oh, the summer on the heath is all for you. fantastic.

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