Magical England

Ah look. Here we are again. Back in civilisation. Back into the Garden of Eden.

The magical English summer is upon us. Or perhaps we are upon it. The gentle sun. Pretty trees and hedgerows, wildflowers by the roadside, a sparkling river and friendly, helpful people, happy to talk about the glistening weather.

Today we move into our new garden flat – the second time we’ve rented sight unseen – Astrid is back to Lorraine’s and we head up to Ikea for a mattress, sofa, a table or two and some bare essentials while we settle in.

Most brilliant however is that I now have a month off to meander about Hampstead Heath and spend time with Edith – something we’ve not had so much of as I’ve been working since she was three months old.

Feels like home again. Feels like forever home.







7 responses to “Magical England”

  1. Anja avatar

    It sounds perfect. June in London can’t be bad. Enjoy!

  2. Suse avatar

    Back in London?! Enjoy the glorious soft summer of England 🙂

  3. erin avatar

    i am so happy for you!

  4. Nicola avatar

    Enjoy summer!

  5. lostwithoutwords avatar

    hello and welcome back to england! i just saw you’re back on flickr as well… welcome back twice! good to see you again.

  6. Fiona Eason avatar

    Hi, I have been dipping into your lovely blog for a wee while, and added you to my blogroll cos I love your pics and your story. Encouraged to see you are braving the sight-unseen thingy with wee ones…we are heading back to the UK in Sept and just sorting out a place to rent initially from a distance. Am a little apprehensive, but think it is the only way. Enjoy your second summer this year!

  7. Megan avatar

    So. I guess surprising you with a visit isn’t going to happen anytime soon then. Whether it is forever home or not, enjoy it all.

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