Astrid says…

“Now I’ve seen all the nice photos you’ve taken of Edith recently, Mummy, you’re allowed to take photographs of me again now too.”






4 responses to “Astrid says…”

  1. Anja avatar

    This is a beautiful one, in any case! She’s so big now 🙂

  2. erin avatar

    brilliant! now will she let you take photos of buttons?

  3. Luisa avatar

    Hi Charlotte, it’s a shame that we only got to work together for about half day! But it was really nice meeting you and thanks for showing me your blog. I am really enjoying the photos and lovely stories. I have another blog apart from The Style Scout (I am a bit blog-crazy) linked to my textile design studio, I linked to yours from there:
    Let’s keep in touch!

  4. Jen avatar

    That hair is stunning! Not to mention the sweater. A great photo! Hope all is well.

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