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It almost midnight after a weekend of jumping in the car at five thirty on the dot and going away for Friday night. Back home Saturday late. A Sunday walk from Spitalfields up through Brick Lane to Columbia Road and at long long last to Rob Ryan’s shop with the most beautiful and covetable umbrellas ever, in navy *sigh*.

Last weekend up in Yorkshire picking wild strawberries with Astrid. Wandering around small villages, school fetes, browsing in small shops, drinking bad motorway coffee and eating questionable motorway sandwiches – the bits the girls wouldn’t eat. Next time we’re packing lunch and a thermos. The girls were happy though, with their blankets, their dollies and Radio 3 on the stereo.

So much news. Exciting work news. Exciting school news. Stories of our new house. Photos of our old house. The cats are here. My new Toast wardrobe is filtering through in a series of cards to call. I've always had a bit of a thing for Toast both in their lovely designs and also the way they run their company which together make the slightly higher price tag justifiable. Next stop Esprit in Regent Street. I used to always get my clothes there when I lived in Germany so it's high time for another look and to add to my ever-growing cardigan collection. The food is marvellous – today I baked an accidental disaster cake that is also a step towards my macrobiotic cake recipe with acceptable and nice ingredients. Kevin says it needs more sugar. I think it just needs Astrid’s yellow sprinkles. You know, the India Tree sparkling sugar we bought at the Wholefoods Market in Kensington, although you wanted it and I didn’t buy it and you said purple was ok but I felt so bad for not buying your yellow I went all the way back and got it another day. You like the yellow don’t you little pie.






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    Well ‘ello there girls. You seem to be all nestled in again and happy as chopses. Be well and stay well. I hope you keep the northern hemi warm and cosy for us!
    Ooooh I really liked those Loop picks I mean REALLY liked. Sigh.

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