Things to do this weekend


Check if the new Cass Art shop is open in Hampstead and buy a paintbrush and a painting board for Astrid.Get myself a .13 pen. And tracing paper. And an artline pen. And a clutch pencil.
Go for a big long Heath walk.
Go to Astrid’s secret playground and take a picnic lunch on Sunday.
Do my portfolio.
Start working up my poster ideas. Done
Buy my new font.

Tidy up the front of the house.
Make walnut and apricot bread for Astrid. Done
Try very hard not to buy an ice cream maker.
Set up an account with Bluehost and begin the task of moving all the sites over.
Do my hosting invoices for the year.
Start getting really excited about Astrid starting kindy in September!!!!!

This is way too much for one weekend, so it’s now my general to do list.






3 responses to “Things to do this weekend”

  1. leslie avatar

    i love the last one. that is also on my list for the summer.

  2. Sarah avatar

    Are you not coming to KnitNation Charlotte? Have now left London and live vicariously next to the Heath thanks to you. Will be around this weekend though – might find you on a long Heath walk on Sat afternoon…

    1. charlotte avatar

      We didn’t end up making it and I missed out on tickets to the Thursday evening marketplace. Where are you now? Are you back on the Continent?

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