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It feels like the run for the finish line is over. Almost. Unpacking and sorting aside. The home we’ve dreamed of. The big London home. With a proper country kitchen. And all white walls. And wooden floors. The home with the sage green front door and a huge old rambling rose tree in the front garden. The home in a beautiful street lined with old old apple trees. The home right next to Hampstead Heath; a home we can spend many years in – now Astrid has started school, Kevin and I have our careers sorted and a big long list of projects; all now begun and finally set up these past few weeks – a lifelong job to write for, to photograph for and to grow.

Children to nuture, who need to stay in one place. Happy children. The difference in Astrid since she began kindergarten is just magic. She now eats three proper meals a day, sleeps like clockwork and she now finally seems settled and happy. Edith too is sleeping properly and even the cats seem so happy in their new proper, final, settled home.

Edith however seems to have just begun the terrible twos which does involve a fair amount of shouting and wailing every afternoon on her return home. The only respite is a swift batch of scrambled eggs, mixed quickly in the pan using our new, divine, real eggs from Riverford.

Perhaps it’s the new farm fresh food. Perhaps it’s the permanence of a long term real home and a new school that will be school for many years to come. Whatever it is there’s much happiness around, infusing us, infusing our new space, infusing the future with much love and peace and happiness and hope.







9 responses to “Home, again”

  1. Michelle avatar

    oh idyllic! Send me some will you?

  2. charlotte avatar

    a sage green front door! it all sounds fantastic. bravo 🙂

  3. Anja avatar

    How wonderful. Happy days!

  4. Astrid avatar

    You have done some pretty big moves lately, haven’t you? Good to hear you are finally more or less settled.

  5. erin avatar

    i couldn’t be happier for all of you!

  6. Alicia A. avatar

    Wow! I haven’t checked in for awhile with you, and man, have I missed a lot?!

    I’m glad you’re feeling nicely settled. Take care.

  7. Veronica TM avatar

    i am so happy for you, charlotte! sounds like heaven.

  8. Megan avatar

    Your joy is contagious. I am searching for your writing blog and not finding it?

  9. fliss avatar

    so happy to hear you are ALL settled in your new home and Happy…it all sounds beautiful. Love the sound of the green sage door and apple trees lining the street.x take care

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