Beautiful clarity

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Ah, the beautiful whiteness of home. So I can photograph again – something I have so been looking forward to and I can’t wait to get the house in order and begin to style everything and make it all cosy. It’s midnight already and I’ve not even begun to look on eBay tonight.

Tomorrow we are off to Ella Doran in Shoreditch for their book launch party of the new Paumes book as part of the London Design Festival. Astrid is super excited as I’ve told her it’s a tea party.

On Sunday we have new parents day at Astrid’s new school – it’s a full day which will be loads of fun. Such a shame I’ll be missing Michaelmas festival and class picnic next week. But I’m back at work now – and it’s been a really hard, but hard in a good way week. I’ve used my brain 100% and have had to very quickly get myself back into illustrator mode having been in photoshop or pen and paper mode for the past few years. It took a few days of feeling very stupid but I know what I’m doing now so my software can keep up with what I want it to do now. Super good.

The other day after dropping Astrid off in Islington the busses all decided to not go through the lights at Angel and I got out at Cross Street and did my usual urban running (now I have my Adidas pumps I’m all set for that) – and I happened to undershoot my destination, and being in such a desperate rush I thought it better for forge ahead than go back to correct my mistake and ended up in East London. A small adventure and a bit of bus mix and matching and a fair old bit of jogging along – I made it to work in time to not look too late at all.

Work is so awesome and brilliant. I feel so brainy being there. And I feel very very priviledged to have been invited to work on such an amazing interaction design project. Really really lucky. I think I must be a grown up London designer now. Everyone has short nails and wears strange clothes. Perfect.







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  1. erin avatar

    it sounds like life is treating you really well right now, charlotte. that’s fantastic.

  2. Alison avatar

    “everyone has short nails and wears strange clothes”

    Love that 🙂

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