Too cold for Autumn


It’s supposed to be only Autumn but already last week I have been out and bought myself the most incredible super padded super warm winter coat from Comptoir des Cottoniers. And this week I am ordering another pair of boots from Trippen so I can at least alternate them through the Winter. I toyed with the idea of shoes but I’d just never be able to wear them in this cold.

Somebody said it was going to snow this week. I wonder if that can be true? I think by the feel of it they weren’t joking. Last night as I was putting Edith to bed – we’ve got her into a bed now – a task that now requires some effort and time as the excitement for her is indeed high and she wants to jump around and hop out of bed a lot before she is tired enough to stay lying down. But last night in her room it was so so cold but the radiators were on maximum and the heating was set to 25 degrees.

And it’s only October. I wonder how clever it was to put all the radiators under the windows and not on the inner walls – because the heat all just goes and slips right out of the glass and out through the drafty cracks. I think we’re definitely going to have to get our heating looked at as the radiators are called narrow somethings and not the big somethings. The narrow ones aren’t very warm – and in our enormous five bedroom house we really need the warm kind for our heating.

Next week we’re getting the chimney sweep around to sort the chimney and then we can have our very first fires ever. I have never ever lived in a house with a proper fire and I can’t wait!






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  1. di avatar

    Such a contrast to the weather here- I’m contemplating new sunglasses and some birkenstocks because the summer sandals I bought last year have tiny little buckles and with temps in the high 20C’s this week I really need some slip on sandals…

  2. Anna avatar

    I’m hoping the weather has shifted for you. Friday we had flurries and today it’s warm and rainy and feels like spring?

    Very strange weather.

    Hope you’re toasty warm tonight!

  3. michelle avatar

    Amazing thinking of you getting ready for such COLD cold when we are just starting to warm up.

    I had hydronic heating installed a few years ago and they recommended putting the units under the windows because the cold window/warm air had some kind of natural circulating effect of pushing the warm out into the room in curved motion that meant no fans were needed to warm the room. Quite interesting and good design being natural and quiet and all. I’m pushing for that when we buy our next one.

  4. fairchildstreet avatar

    Visiting from delightful blogs. You have a lovely blog and your photos are soft and warm. Charmaine

  5. BODIE and FOU avatar

    I hope it will snow before the end of the year. My daughter and husband are going back to New-Zealand for the holidays and Mila is having a hard time thinking that her Xmas will be at the beach

  6. gracia avatar

    Little can top a fire blazing away. Stay warm.

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