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Recently I’ve looked back on my blog and seen that indeed, I did used to make things.

Making things usually coincided with not working full time. I also used to write a few other blogs (which I’ve started doing again). And I still managed to buy loads of fabric and yarn even with no money.

It makes me sad I’ve not been making things anymore. And while I am so grateful for my commercial work, which is really amazing work, and I am very fortunate do do what I do – but I really don’t feel as though it’s what I want to be doing with my life. From a Soul persepective it’s not what I want to look back on my life and see that’s all I did.

Creating my web projects though, that is meaningful.
Time with the girls. That is meaningful.
Time spent making things. That is meaningful.

I went to Astrid’s school today and there was a big tug at my heart to be able to spend more time there. More time in that world. And there is so much I want to share here. Our home looks incredible all beautiful for Christmas. We have a seasonal table, a little tree I made with ribbons and decorations. Beautiful Winter faeries and angels. Lights, The best tree ever. And here sit I, literally sitting on my hands. My heart and my soul just bursting to jump out and be creative and make and do and sing and laugh and cry and run and watch and smile.

And be a mother again. And be me again.

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8 responses to “I used to make things”

  1. kirsty avatar

    I know the feeling. I have been creating again this week after a hiatus and it feels REALLY great. Just simple projects but some handmade bits for Christmas, cos you have to have something made with love for the babes! Happy days to you.

  2. lies avatar

    Well hello mumsy. Glad to hear you are making again, socks (yay!!!)! And love that beautiful color. Over to your Ravelry now.

  3. erin avatar

    creativity and making ebbs and flows with me. it seems like you are just starting on a big rush of good things to come.

  4. maria cecilia avatar

    I have loved everything you share in your blog, so nice finding you!!!
    greetings from Chile,
    maria cecilia

  5. Jeska avatar

    I used to make more things too, and now I do have the time to do it I just can’t seem to muster the will.

    Once the festive season is over I will plunge myself back in to all things creative.

    ps, the space you have made here is wonderful, I love all the glimpses into your beautiful world x

  6. kirsten avatar

    so nice to ‘see’ you again. and see you knitting.

    i know i can find it very hard to squeeze in that ‘me’ time when life is so incredibly hectic with work, young family and homelife. good luck with stealing it back. so worthwhile and rewarding.

  7. Zoe avatar

    hey charlotte, I haven’t been by in a while (same syndrome as you I fear). Every word you said rings true with me. And you’re back in the UK now? xxx

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