Running with E.

For years now I have harboured a secret desire to run. I watch as runners go by, wishing I could be like them. Wishing there was a way I could do it. Then the other night I was visiting 101 Cookbooks links to her friends favourites cookbooks and there was Emi and I randomly clicked on her and discovered Run with E. And from there I discovered Run with E Rookie.

I read every post of Run with E and then every post of Run with E Rookie. And I latched on to the bit where Emi says running makes you feel amazing for 24 hours afterwards. I thought I just had to do it now. So the next day I went out and bought some running leggings, running bra, running socks and running shoes and out of the house I trotted (now I know, way too fast) and off around two blocks I panted. It was all over in a flash. I could barely breathe after running 200 metres, walking 200 metres and running 350 metres – but I did it and it felt very very weird.

The next day everyone said, oh just go tomorrow, but I was so excited I got the dinner going and told everyone I am going for a run and nobody can talk me out of it because I already had my gear on. Out the door, this time very slowly. I managed to run the entire 750 metres and I could have run more.

This week I have made a plan which is a bit of a combination of the Nike Coach and the Running with E Rookie plan. Each week I will run / walk 30 minutes a minimum of three times a week.

Week One

Walk – 10 mins
Run – 500 metres
Walk – 5 mins
Run – 500 metres
Walk – 5 mins

Remember to slow down the pace but make sure I do the 500 metres.






6 responses to “Running with E.”

  1. Nicole avatar

    Go, go, go!

    I had to laugh, because I’m reading this still in my sweaty running clothes. I just got in from my daily run. It does get easier-ish, and it does make one feel pretty darn good afterwards.

  2. suzy avatar

    This is inspiring, I have secret plans to run too. Must buy leggings. Have you seen the Couch to 5k program?

    Thanks for the link to Emi.

  3. julia avatar

    Hello. I got into running for a while…it can be addictive! If you starting thinking you may want to do a half marathon, Hal Higdon has a website with a running schedule on it.

  4. Anna avatar

    good for you!

    am taking inspiration from this and doing it, too. like you, i’ve always envied people running — what must it feel like to just… run? like a kid again.


    1. charlotte avatar

      hello Anna – I wonder where all my replies have gone – possibly lost in the new site database things. Just reading back on my old posts and am now super excited to start running again

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