A year for building

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After the holidays I made a big spreadsheet of all my domains, sites I’m going to be building up – it really is a huge job, but if I just stick with it and tend each piece of the project like a plant – where each one is watered and tended to over a period of time – eventually they will all blossom and grow to bear fruit. It is definitely going to take time.

But I’m not giving up. And the months and years that follow will grow each one into a marvellous space for my photography and writing.

Anknel and Burblets skincare is also being revived this year. It’s never gone away but this year is its year. More to follow on that soon. Ssshhh!

Today I looked back on the diet I ditched in August and if I’d stuck with it I’d have been where I wanted to be by October. Now I need to keep at it and April will see me where I want to be. Which leads me to my point – to stick with stuff, to not give up just because things aren’t happening right away. And to keep at them!

This week belongs to organising, planning and laying good solid foundations.






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  1. Anna avatar

    good for you! the organizing bit is central and yet it’s so hard to do! i’ll be cheering you on as you go and taking some inspiration from you as well.

    here’s to 2011!

  2. kaylovesvintage avatar

    sounds like a good year with lots of plans coming up…enjoy& be strong

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