Mummy’s little adventure

Hello Kids! Mummy here. Mummy is in Amsterdam now on her little trip away.

This is my place. It’s really lovely. Just like being at home. I’ve got a whole one bedroom place to myself and really it is so like home it’s amazing. Apart from the super-steep stairs. It’s like climbing up a ladder going up. And like walking down a ladder going down.

I went to the local shop which is only about two minutes walk and I bought tomatoes, mozarella, black forest ham, gouda, lettuce, an apple and bananas. I remembered to pack some food too so I already have crackers and udon and pasta and some tinned tuna and sardines to eat too. Tonight I just had a platter of crackers and ham and tomatoes. With a nice glass of red wine.

I’ll be back in London again in time for the weekend to see you kids and daddy.
Miss you all like mad already x

The even better news, you kids, is that mummy is now going to get a proper full time job again, like the nice Art Director job she had at Ogilvy in Auckland last year.

And you kids you know Mummy and Daddy have set up bank accounts for you, so that every Friday you each get £30. That’s your university fund. Or an adventure fund perhaps. Because you kids know Mummy never went to University and she’s still got a proper successful career. But if you wanted to study architecture for example then I would definitely think that was money well spent. Media Studies? You may as well just start at an agency straight out of school when you’re 18 and earn money instead of paying people to teach you what you can learn on the job.






8 responses to “Mummy’s little adventure”

  1. Alison avatar

    Lovely adventure – lovely place!! Enjoy 🙂

  2. erin avatar

    ooh! fun! hope you are doing well, charlotte. xo.

  3. Anna avatar

    So glad you’re having an adventure! Looks like fun 🙂

  4. kirsten avatar

    what a great apartment, you lucky thing.

  5. Alex avatar

    Congratulations on the job!

  6. kaylovesvintage avatar

    next time let me know when you are in Amsterdam and we have some coffee

  7. Frau Haselmayer avatar

    Congrats to the new job, Charlotte!

  8. Bex avatar

    What beautiful photographs and a beautiful apartment. I don’t suppose you know where I could buy a stove like the one there do you please?

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