Don’t shake to shuffle

Man it pays to google. I have been out running and the songs just keep on jumping and only playing for 10 seconds before shuffling again. It’s been driving me nuts!

But I have just discovered the ‘shake to shuffle’ setting. Which I have now officially switched OFF.

In the good news department I’m back in London (for now) and I have got up to 5k with my running. I was astonished that it only took about six weeks to get there. I can even now run up hills. Astonishing!






4 responses to “Don’t shake to shuffle”

  1. Anna avatar

    Nice! Did you do the couch to 5k? I am going to start it… any day now. No, really!

    Give me encouragement, please. I need it.

  2. Madeline avatar

    Hello there- lovely blog! How did you get to 5k? I’m terrible at running. Do tell!

  3. kaylovesvintage avatar

    sounds good …I “m to sport in a big way in the moment

  4. fliss avatar

    You make me smile Charlotte :))))

    I am about to start running…little nervous but have the urge..will give it a go 🙂

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