Ah lovely long weekends of Spring


all set for tomorrow

I must confess I’ve not run in just over a week and I’m feeling it. But we’ve had such lovely weather and I’ve been sorting out my fabric cupboard instead. Making piles of books with post-it notes. Piles of fabric. Waiting for my new ironing board to arrive.

We have had two four day weekends. Well, in fact today was the Royal Wedding and we wandered up to South End Green and Edith wanted to go to the Fun Fair because she refused to believe that it finished last weekend, so off we wandered up by the ponds at the Heath just to make sure the bouncy castle really had gone – and plain forgot to get home in time to watch the Wedding on TV. There was a bit of an M&S diversion for Colin the Caterpillar iceblocks (known by Edith as Olly-Ops which is a cross between ice lollies and ice blocks) and a bottle of proper champagne half price yay – for a wedding toast.

The streets were strangely quiet – we didn’t see a soul on the way home because they were all tucked up inside in front of the tele. Not a soul outside with the radio on. We also didn’t see any houses with bunting. There was one single big union jack hanging from a window and that was it. Maybe people all had theirs inside like ours was. Oh I wanted to hang it from the house but our windows only open a few inches.

Well. Happy Royal Wedding Day!
What did you do today to celebrate?

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  1. Emily Schneider avatar
    Emily Schneider

    I got up at 5:15am and watched the ceremony live. Then I had to go to work, but I go to see the balcony appearance (and kisses!) streaming on the internet at my desk. What a lovely ceremony. It really lifted my spirits. Since I’m the same age as William I’ve always felt a sort of connection and I went so far as to buy a special commemorative mug for the occasion of their wedding. 🙂 It was fun.

  2. anna avatar

    Even though I’m not a fan of the royal family I did get up early to watch and had tea and toast while the sun came up. Teared up a bit at the image of those two kids (I am old now) so happy and hopeful. Loved her dress. Wished them a life with as little loss as possible…

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