A bit of a dry spell


pansies from the garden

Oh I wish it would have rained a bit more in April. It barely rained at all. We go on our long walks on the Heath with the girls now, carefully avoiding the playground but not necessarily the ice cream van. We walk up to Kite Hill and there are rivulets of dry cracked earth as we go – telling the girls to be careful of the holes in the ground when running at speed!

Yet again I went to water the garden this morning. Realising I’d left it too long between waters. Realising I’d even managed to kill the pansies this time. Our rose however is rewarding us for the September pruning beautifully. She is heavy with blooms and heady with fragrance.

The knitting needles have also been rewarding. Astrid’s cardigan is almost done. And Edith’s is halfway there. I’ve even found myself a pattern by Quince and Co – discovered on Loop’s blog. It’s a grown up version of the garter stitch cardigan I knit for the kids. Brilliant!

Knitting sharing will be next. And there’s even some sewing to show too!







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