Month: August 2011

  • Los Girlios

    Here they are. Dragon and crocodile. You like them. Mummy does too. Mummy likes T H I N G S. ps. I am sorry about the missing photos. I have no idea what has happened. If you click the missing photo icon you can see the jolly photo.

  • Columbia Road Flower Market

    This is the second time I’ve posted this weekend. How can that be? Well. It’s because my last six month contract finished. And I have my life back. Thank you kindly new contract for that. I’ve even spent most of the weekend in the kitchen – oh happy days. Because we’ve got Carla over from…

  • Pesto morning

    While Riverford has got huge bags of Basil, and as I’m currently really into cheese and nuts it seems only the proper thing to do to make Pesto on Saturday mornings. This morning I also marinated aubergines, blended sun-dried tomatoes, and went to the farmers market to buy Buffalo Ricotta and beautiful organic beefsteak tomatoes.…