Columbia Road Flower Market

Columbia Road Sunday

Columbia Road Sunday

Columbia Road Sunday

This is the second time I’ve posted this weekend. How can that be? Well. It’s because my last six month contract finished. And I have my life back. Thank you kindly new contract for that. I’ve even spent most of the weekend in the kitchen – oh happy days.

Because we’ve got Carla over from the Stuttgart Steiner School for the holidays we’ll be out and about a bit more on the weekends. Today we went to Columbia Road. Our standard exciting Sunday out. Not sure it’s the greatest thing in the world for a seventeen year old so next week I think we’ll take her to Spitalfields and Brick Lane instead. More photos for me as well.







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  1. Narumi avatar

    I love Columbia road, the flower market is beautiful ! The light is really nice in the second picture..

  2. Belle Fleur de Lis avatar

    lovely flower market

  3. Emily Schneider avatar
    Emily Schneider

    Your pictures of the girls and London are so pretty. Thanks for sharing, Charlotte. The light is magnificent.

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