Pesto morning

pesto day

pesto day

While Riverford has got huge bags of Basil, and as I’m currently really into cheese and nuts it seems only the proper thing to do to make Pesto on Saturday mornings. This morning I also marinated aubergines, blended sun-dried tomatoes, and went to the farmers market to buy Buffalo Ricotta and beautiful organic beefsteak tomatoes.

The girls liked their barbecued sausages in bread, and the crumbly cornish pasty we got to take home for lunch. They also liked the Chegworth Valley apple juice samples in child-sized cups. We did get garlic too. Which means I can make hummous in the morning. And we got purple cauliflower. Can’t wait to get that in the oven with some Ricotta. Did I mention we baked bread this morning? No I forgot about that.

And tomorrow we get the rather large queue of plants coming down from pots in the roof terrace to the freedom of the actual real garden where they have a bit of room to spread their roots and blossom once more.






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  1. Jeska avatar

    This all sounds so lovely, hopefully party season is over for me, so I can get on with some soul repairing cooking like you x

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