Autumn by the Heath

Parliament Hill Farmers' Market

Parliament Hill Farmers' Market

Parliament Hill Farmers' Market

Parliament Hill Farmers' Market

Photos from my Lovely UK flickr stream

Well. It would seem we are having an indian summer. People are posting images of the weather forecast on their blogs and twitter streams. Melrose and Morgan have invited us up for coffee and cake. I have fallen off my diet.

But who cares because the sun is shining. Life is exciting and good. London is as beautiful as ever.

Yvonne came to stay again and I have some lovely photos of the things she brought for the girls. Hand made scarves, amazing rainbow leggings and lovely grey knit dresses. We had such a laugh going to see Much ado about Nothing when David Tennant was off sick that night. We were both very much on our diets and eat very little at Wagamana. I spent £16 on a tiny bottle of bubbles that we shared at the start of the play and the next day we went to Canterbury. Poor Yvonne I am such a terrible passenger. And Astrid loved every minute driving down with us, she made her pink Starbucks cake pop thing last all the way from south of the Blackwall Tunnel down to Canterbury.

We had more Wagamama when we got there. Hey, if you’re on a diet it’s pretty amazing lean food. And even Astrid loved it. We conjured up some ace ideas for the end of the year. Books, ideas, photos and some travel.

Tonight I’ve got my headphones on. Loud St Etienne. Loud Kaiser Disco. Loud Smashing Pumpkins.

Life is pretty damn beautiful when it’s an Indian Summer in London.






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