Party season

autumn blooms

Blueberry muffins

Canelle biscotti

When I was young and sociable I used to often host afternoon tea parties with canapes and bubbles. I still make the same food. The party now starts an hour later at three and I definitely don’t wear fancy dresses like I used to.

But I can bake better than I used to. And I now use almond meal in everything. Apart from the other day because it was late and I for the first time in my life bought self raising flour. And I forgot. The muffins were good though. Jolly easy to make – from the Edmonds Cook Book.

I also baked a Hazelnut cake from the Silver Spoon, which I forgot to photograph, and I baked my usual cake, also forgot to photograph it. And I forgot to photograph all the little toasts I made with incredible Chicken Liver pate – again, from the Silver Spoon. I even baked biscuits from the Silver Spoon; flour, sugar and olive oil. That was all.

We got presents. Lots of bunches of flowers, what a lovely surprise! Some people dressed up in special party dresses. Some people dressed for a walk on the Heath complete with gumboots. I like both!

And another little present which I’ve tucked away – out of the way of little fingers that like to take little bites out of biscuits and put them back on the biscuit plate before Mummy will see – tucked away for a little winter fashion photo shoot soon.

{ Happy Birthday Bala!! }



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2 responses to “Party season”

  1. Nicky avatar

    I love the Silver Spoon! my favorite cookbook.every recipe works out great except this one walnut and coffee cake that was a disaster – my fault – from start to runny icing and has been dubbed ‘ugly cake’ around these parts. i’ll have to venture into more of the baking.

    i like to see posts from you charlotte 🙂

    ps sorry for no caps, i’m typing one handed because my budgie is asleep on my other one.

  2. Barbara avatar

    such a lovely post … what beautiful photos! thank you

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