Nigella Lawson secret sale


Today I came across a Nigella Lawson secret sale on eBay totally by chance. Today I spent such happy piles of money at their amazing sale they refunded my postage. The best thing about this secret sale is that it’s full of Nigella Lawson Living Kitchen things – in Rosebud PINK.

Yes, pink. I kid you not.

Now, I’m not sick of pink at all. In fact I’m just learning to like pink because pink is the new colour of our household thanks to two girls who want pink everything.

So today I bought a pink breadbin – I’ve wanted one for years but was always waiting for it to be on sale at a good price and today is that day. Usually £70. Today £45

Serving dishes in blue usually £61. Today £35.
Ceramic mixing bowls in beautiful pink, ah such sweet delight! Usually £63. Today £39.95.
A much required lemon juicer in cream. It was £9.95.
Also much required measuring spoons in cream again. They were £5.95.

My research leads me to believe Bliss Home are the ones behind the amazing sale. Bliss Home being the people who are behind the Nigella Lawson range as well as my new favourite, the Orla Kiely Homewares range.

A bit of a good secret sale discovery indeed!!






2 responses to “Nigella Lawson secret sale”

  1. Madhu avatar

    If I get a plane ticket and fly to good old England and get me oh these delightful Nigella goodies, would they refund me my airfare? 😉
    I see many fun baking sessions to come! Enjoy!

  2. Frau Haselmayer avatar

    I’m in, Madhu!

    Thank god I missed this sale…or I might be broke by now!

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