Parts of rooms

Christmas kitchen


Now the house is slowly beginning to take shape I’m taking photos of part of rooms. A couple of people have said they’ve seen my house photos on the blog but they still can’t really tell what the house is like; just very small zoomed in bits of it.

So I’m branching out a bit from tiny zoomed in scenes to parts of rooms. I’m not quite yet brave enough for whole rooms. They’re still not quite perfect enough. Or perhaps I shall just do it like my new way of sewing (as inspired by Melissa) to not worry about being perfect and just do it for the sheer joy of it and accept how things are without painfully striving for perfection.

That said I’m not taking any bed photos. Well, I did. And it was upon sight of said bed photo that I realised just how ugly our giant IKEA bed indeed is.

Kevin wants modern from Heals. I want a vintage style french bed maybe from here that I can just order now. Although in reality I will want a real vintage one which I’m happy to wait for. Perhaps a reason to go to Paris for some furniture market shopping.

And onwards and upwards to whole, photographable rooms.







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  1. Megan avatar

    It looks like home.

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