A winter kitchen


First salmon since 2004

I’ve taken delivery of the amazing and beautiful Nigella Lawson mixing bowls. Amongst other things. The brilliant secret sale compares only to the Le Creuset half price sale of sky blue cookware a few years ago. I spent all weekend rearranging and clearing the kitchen. This evening I briefed Joelene our nanny on where everything goes. On Saturday I briefed Kevin.

So much has been ditched, the kids have got a few pieces for their kitchen.

But I, I am happy. A clear space. New cookbooks. Total kitchen perfection in tidy spaces and cupboards and clear bench tops. Space now for the new cook books and ingredients to sit on the bench. This weekend I discovered pomegranate molasses, new balsamic and North African spices from Melrose and Morgan, red wine vinegar from Carluccios and fresh parsley and pomegranate from our corner shop.

I spent all weekend in the kitchen, working on new recipes. Learning from new cookbooks. And working on energy efficient cooking. This weekend we had smoked salmon which I’ve not dared eat for seven years. We had anchovies with caramelised onions and garlic. We had scary dark Italian tinned tuna with giant penne. We had potato tart with thyme. The girls loved their macaroni cheese made with bechamel sauce from The Silver Spoon. I made tabbouleh with my famous hummous. Grilled pitta crisps. Soft fried purple carrots in butter.

The brown velvet curtains are up at last. Insulation to keep the cold of winter out and to stave off the ever rising London electricity prices. Upstairs and downstairs. The Christmas tree is up. Home is becoming ever more home. And I’m so looking forward to a couple of weeks off work for big walks on the Heath. Amazing Christmas food and wine has all been carefully curated and ordered.

Good company and warm times ahead.



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  1. suzy avatar

    The bowls are beautiful and food sounds amazing. Wishing you and yours a wonderful Christmas, and lots of adventures in 2012.

  2. erin avatar

    every little bit of it is lovely. merry christmas, c.

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