Happy fifth birthday, Astrid

5 (Hello Kitty) candles

Astrid turned 5 this week. Five.

Five years ago in New Zealand on a Summer’s evening and there she was. End of 2006. That was the time I began writing this blog. It was a time to begin documenting our lives with the children. We’ve made family albums. I’ve not done the last two.

The best thing about this year for Astrid is that I look back on last year’s birthday photos when Astrid refused to have her photo taken – yet this year she got a packet of Hello Kitty candles weeks in advance for her birthday, she even got us to light them twice so she could blow them out twice.

She’s been talking about her party all the time and who she wants to come (it’ll be after the holidays), out riding her new bike all day, finding out how things are made, how I made the pastry for the Alsace tart I baked tonight, wanting to bake, insisting on going outside in the garden, standing up to Edith.

Astrid is really settling in here in London.
Settling into herself. Settling into some form of permanence.

Happy birthday little love.
I wish all the joys that life can bring for you in 2012.






3 responses to “Happy fifth birthday, Astrid”

  1. Yvonne avatar

    Happy 5th sweet little Astrid. FIVE!! That’s such a big age, I can’t believe that you are 5 already.

    xox auntie Yve

  2. Emily Schneider avatar
    Emily Schneider

    How beautiful she looks behind those pink candles! Best wishes and happy birthday, Astrid. I hope your dreams come true.

  3. Lindy avatar

    Happy Birthday Astrid!!

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