The wrong pants for gardening

Winter gardening

Oh good lord it was too cold to go in the garden yesterday.
But garden we did.

I wanted an activity the girls to do at home to shake off some energy so I could sneak in some more photo editing. But in the end I erred on the side of being out there to make sure they didn’t dig up the garden be an involved mum.

And this all just so happened to be on the day I was wearing my purple cords that are a bit low slung so my builder’s bum was freezing itself to death in the cold north wind and I had to use my muddy gloves to keep on hoisting my tweeds up to avoid exposing myself too much to the neighbours.

Oh they are the WRONG pants for gardening, the purple cords.
Have you got an inappropriate gardening outfit?

ps. I have noticed Yvonne‘s fantastic huge portrait images of late and I so rarely shoot portrait that I’ve given it a go. Thanks Aunty Von!!






2 responses to “The wrong pants for gardening”

  1. erin avatar

    i love primroses. they just don’t do well here, though.
    (and the purple cords…i have some jeans like that. i’m afraid i gave the neighbor quite a show last year.)

  2. kaylovesvintage avatar

    mmmh…Clifton Nusery is my fav one in London

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