The living room

living room

living room

Back in June when we were in Provence the whole interior of the house was painted. So far I still haven’t styled the house to my satisfaction. No matter how tidy it is, the girls come along and mess it up. Three steps forward, two back. Always.

At times like this I remember Melissa’s sewing policy – that she’s not a dressmaker and her sewing isn’t perfect. I like that philosophy. The philosophy of imperfection. It’s got character and it keeps things moving. So in that vein I shall be posting imperfect photos of our interior. If I waited for me to make it perfect we’d be waiting at least another fifteen years.

The walls are painted Farrow and Ball Calluna and the feature wall is in Brassica. Big painting by Polly and the small one is by Euan McGregor (not that one though). Oh, which reminds me of something that happened today. Liam Gallagher was walking to Starbucks for coffee and the entire street just stopped and stared. What incredible presence he had to stop a street in its tracks. It was literally like in a film. This guy with such energy walked from his apartment block up the street and it was as though time slowed down. People stopped talking and just looked. It was like he had left a golden trail of presence in his wake.

Back to our living room then. Walls in Farrow and Ball, my favourite corner in the house of course with mum’s crystal collection, my beautiful collection of vases and the lovely Babette from Le Train Fantome. The tall sideboard and coffee table are from Skandinteriors in South End Green just up the road.

The sofa we bought in Auckland for our amazing industrial warehouse office in 2004. It needs re-covering and wooden feet putting on. Persian carpet from eBay. Little cat bed from Cath Kidston and orange lamp by Kartell from Pink Apple Designs.







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  1. Gillian avatar

    Hello. I have just discovered your blog through Yvestown and when i read the desription at the top i thought it would be just my cup of tea (expect mine would read food, interiors, motherhood and Leeds life). I look forward so spending many happy hours reading it. Your living room is just lovely.

  2. Barbara avatar

    such amazing colors on your walls …
    thank you for sharing!

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