A delicious weekend

Hot chocolate

the pantry

This weekend I made hot chocolate each morning for myself and the girls. Saturday Edith made big tall towers of the old kitchen containers while I cleaned and filled the beautiful new Le Parfait jars to take pride of place in the pantry.

In the afternoon we went to fabulous Lakeland out by Brent Cross in the middle of shopping-by-the-motorway-land. I discovered that 3L Le Parfait jars are not advertised on their site and are £5.39 each as opposed to about £8 which was the cheapest I found online. We were on a mission for jam jars as this weekend was to be Sweet Orange Marmalade weekend. Oh yes. Back in the car with our new collection of small Le Parfait jars we headed home for ice cream.

Sunday was indeed Sweet Orange Marmalade making day, with much shredding, boiling and testing, the marmalade is quite heavenly and will be ready to photograph tomorrow. In the meantime I’m back and regularly updating my Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

Burleigh mug from the Habitat sale. Clipper Hot Chocolate from Planet Organic. Le Parfait preserving jars from Lakeland. Orla Kiely storage jars from Heals.

Sale tip of the week: Burleigh have 25-50% off everything you could possibly want to buy (apart from the cheese plate I wanted).







6 responses to “A delicious weekend”

  1. Yvonne avatar

    Look at that pantry Miss Charlotte!! It looks so good, I’m actually proud of you LOL!!

    Ok and if there’s a sale at Burleigh I’m off …..

    1. charlotte avatar

      Ha! I love to arrange the food 🙂
      My Burleigh loot arrived today. Wishing for daylight to take some more photos but that’ll have to wait for the weekend.

      Yes I love the big kitchen. Have just spent half an hour trying to find you a photo of our tiny Roderick Road kitchen but can’t find it. Is no doubt lost in my deleted flickr account…

  2. Jeska avatar

    I just love the tidy and order in your larder, I can’t wait for a bigger kitchen one day.

    Enjoy your marmalade! x

  3. Oon avatar

    Those jars are beautiful!
    Also, thank you for your sweet comment on my blog.

  4. Frau Haselmayer avatar

    I wish my pantry looked like this! But it’s terribly cramped and disorganized!

  5. Alexandra avatar

    Your pantry looks great! And I discovered a little golden lindt bear in it! 😉

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