All the cakes I’ve been baking

Chocolate cake

Hard to believe I’ve never baked a chocolate cake but usually all I ever bake is my 1 cake 100 ways. And this required a new method. I used the Donna Hay recipe from Modern Classics 2 although it didn’t come out at all moist which I suspect was due to my baking it for 60 and not 50 minutes.

And because the second to last cake I baked was so gooey and soft (yet utterly divine and incredible โ€“ cardamon and orange water that was demolished within an hour and not photographed because it was the day my camera died) I’ve been over-compensating by leaving things in the oven too long. Heck I even burnt the previous cake the day before Christmas. That. Never. Happens.

But the previous altogether gooey, sticky, delicious, wonderful orange and cardamon flat cake that was really more a giant sticky sweet orange blossom toffee slice made up for all recent cake failures. Should I say cake discoveries. The cake before that was a new one; biodynamic sour cherry and almond tart. And the cake before that was lemon and poppyseed syrup almond tart.

What shall I bake next?

Chocolate and biodynamic sour cherry almond cake?
Or shall I have another go at a good cardamom and orange blossom one?

Also from now on I will reply each day in the comments area beneath a post so please check back. Thanks for reading and for your comments!!






5 responses to “All the cakes I’ve been baking”

  1. Gillian avatar

    The cardamon and orange water cake sounds delicious. I can recommend the chocolate and guinness cake from The Hummingbird Bakery Cake Days – very moist with a cream cheese frosting. My oven is much too hot and even i didn’t over bake it!

  2. Emily S. avatar
    Emily S.

    The cardamom – and do share the recipe!

  3. chelsea avatar

    Yum!! And, wow! I love your blog! Beautiful.

  4. Vica avatar

    Go for the cardamon and orange blossom, these two ingredients remind me of a Morrocan Orange Cake recipe that I made… mmm ๐Ÿ™‚
    And thank you, Charlotte, for stopping by on my blog, it was a nice surprise. I follow yours for quite a long time, since Astrid was a little baby, and now she is a little lady already, time goes fast ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. michelle avatar

    oh Cardamom! my favourite FAVOURITE thing at the moment – and you know I never cook with it. I need to cook with it…… That cake sounds divine.

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