Spice. Essence. Tea.




My favourites of late. Cooking from the Moro. Essences from Steenbergs. Tea with cute packaging design from Higher Living.

I’ve been in pitch hell for the past two weeks at work. People following my Instagram will have seen that. And a few other things that I’ll write about soon because they need to be written about. Sorry I’ve not replied to all your comments this past week. I have some catching up to do!!






2 responses to “Spice. Essence. Tea.”

  1. Gillian avatar

    Lovely clean, simple pictures. Those spices look fantastic in their jars. I feel a cupboard clear out coming on.

  2. OhAbigail avatar

    My Mum and her partner went to London and visted Moro, when she was telling me she kept saying, “We are going to Moro” and I kept saying, “I know, but where are you going?” Oh the hilarity!
    I quite fancy trying these extracts.
    You have a lovely blog by the way. So glad that Gillian let me in on the secret!

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