A swell party

Birthday girl

Birthday girl

Rose and raspberry cakes

Cardamon and Orange blossom cake

making party bags

making party bags

making party bags

The last time we had a birthday party for the girls was Edith’s first birthday and Astrid’s third. We skipped last year. I’m so tired. I’ve been working weekends and evenings for the last three weeks. Yesterday I baked tarts, cake and cupcakes and today we hosted the party and I’ve been creating an intricate sitemap for work since 7.30pm.

The brilliant news is I’ve perfected the orange blossom and cardamom cake – I even did pink icing for it. The Alsace tart was a winner. Not so much the carrot pie. I’ll work on that recipe.

The girls’ guests had a lovely time. I made party bags for all. They were finished half an hour before the guests arrived at 11am. The face painter came at noon. Kids had lunch then cake at 1pm and everyone left by 2.15pm. Then we went out with my brother’s family for a nice long walk on the Heath and a well earned cup of tea at the caff.

I think ten was the pefect number of children to have at the party. Edith really wasn’t happy near the end – it was all a bit much for everyone I think.

The guests all left happy and I’ve had reports back of children spending the afternoon eating loads of sweets and drawing in their new books, happily leaving their parents in peace for a bit. Happy Birthday girls!! It was a swell party.







5 responses to “A swell party”

  1. Gillian avatar

    What lovely party bags. Looks like it was a good party. And a talented face painter (for a minute i thought you’d done them yourself – i’m relieved you didn’t or i might’ve died of jealousy). It sounds better than Bella’s 5th birthday party just before Christmas where the bouncy castle was late and the entertainer did a no show…

  2. victoria avatar

    Two things – that is some of the best face painting I’ve seen in ages too! And those lolly bags – I really fancy one!

  3. Jeska avatar

    wow, that face painting is fantastic! Such sweet gift bags and that cake is beautiful!

  4. OhAbigail avatar

    Good grief that face painter knew what they were doing!

  5. Morgan avatar

    Oh your girls are so beautiful! I loved this post- what a fun party! xo

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