Cardamom, and banana tart

Baking banana and cardamom cake

Baking banana and cardamom cake

Baking banana and cardamom cake

Baking banana and cardamom cake

I know it’s not the orange blossom and cardamom cake – but there were too many bananas and I needed to bake this one while I was off work this week. Actually I made two and they’re all but gone.

There’s a bit of a pattern to my cake recipe. I only really have one recipe – but it changes depending on the flours and nuts I’m using as well as the flavour.

Over the years I’ve tried using normal flour, buckwheat, brown and white spelt. My favourite is white spelt. I now also change out at least half the flour amount to be ground nuts. Usually ground Almonds. Especially since I bought 3KG of organic ground almonds from Goodness Direct.

There was another reason I baked the cake. Which is – Alison and I have gone back to our previous photo project and are bringing it back to life. This year we’re cooking and baking, sharing recipes and ingredients, and documenting our conversation on our opposite sides of the world. This week our theme is Cardamom.

Recipe at Lovely Food.






6 responses to “Cardamom, and banana tart”

  1. kirsten avatar

    oh, YES!
    i LOVE cardamom.
    love, love, love.

  2. Gillian avatar

    I have never made a cardamom cake so I shall give this a go.

  3. Di avatar

    The cake sounds delicious! I must start baking more!!

  4. OhAbigail avatar

    Love the project idea and love Cardamon! I have never made a Banana cake where it is a layer rahter than mashed in. I’m also a fan of using ground nuts and different flours for texture. This week we have had organic wholemeal flour in our muffins!

  5. charlotte avatar

    i have tons of ground almonds to use, too! this recipe is perfect, thank you, c.

  6. Maxabella avatar

    The cardamon is inspired! Can I make two cakes in one week? Is that even legal??? 🙂 x

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