Hey! Over here…

Raspberry & walnut tart

Raspberry and walnut tart

Hello, I am moving my hosting from the unreliable one to the good one, so Anknel and Burblets might disappear in a couple of days for an hour or two. Should all be ok – but just in case!

Also, I am very busy on Lovely Food – feel free to join me over there sometime.







6 responses to “Hey! Over here…”

  1. Oon avatar

    It looks delicious! And beautiful pictures (here and below).
    I should come here more often, I think.

  2. Hannah @ Sparrow + Spark! avatar

    Ooh that looks delicious! Really happy to have discovered your blog- beautiful photography!

  3. Maxabella avatar

    Do you have a recipe for that delicious sounding / looking cake? Oh my, it just looks YUM! x

  4. Jeska avatar

    Hi, love this shot, is this going to be your new place? I will wait until your move is all sorted then would love to make your lovely food place my blog of the week x

  5. Kerry avatar

    Oh yum! And I love the new look here. Your food photographs are amazing!!

  6. manon avatar

    Quel joli blog.

    Bonjour de France


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