Raspberry and walnut tart

raspberry walnut cake
raspberry walnut cake

This is one of the many cakes I bake using this simple base – and I cook them as tarts, in a shallow tart tin. The raspberry is lovely and tart and the cacao nibs (coarsely ground cocoa beans) are a raw, natural version of chocolate chips which are brilliantly crunchy and not at all sweet. In our home this cake is often eaten for breakfast and never lasts longer than a day.

Recipe at Lovely Food.






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  1. Maxabella avatar

    You’re a doll! I’m going to try this one. Your instructions make it look entirely doable and for that I am grateful!


  2. Tad Davis avatar
    Tad Davis

    I don’t know what’s going wrong here. I have tried to make this cake twice. The first time I followed the instructions exactly. As the outer edge of the cake became brown, the raspberries migrated (gravity?) toward the center which remained uncooked even after an additional half an hour in the oven.

    The second time (just today), I used fresh raspberries and at first it seemed to be working much better. But then the raspberries slowly started their gravity migration to the center and I got the same result.

    The good news is that the cake is truly delicious (at least the cooked part). But I cannot figure out how to get the middle to cook correctly.

    ??? Maybe the temp is wrong? What size pan do you use? I’ve tried a “normal” cake tin (9″ round) and a springform pan (10″).

    I will try this once more (since the cake is so yummy) and not add any raspberries at all. I’ll make a raspberry glaze for afterwards, maybe. But I’m still not sure that the middle will cook properly. It seems that something is off here, but I haven’t figured it out.

    1. Charlotte avatar

      Hi Tad – you need to make sure you use a shallow tart tin and all will be well. I hope it works out for you 🙂

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  4. Ali avatar

    I loved this recipe and made it several times last summer, always having good success. I was especially pleased to find this recipe that used cacao nibs that we stock as I have never seen a recipe that uses them.

    We have recently set up a blog and website and i would love to use your recipe on our site. I have taken some photos of the cake that I have made that would look great on our Blog.

    Yum Yum!

    1. Charlotte avatar

      Hi Ali,

      Yes, absolutely please do share share!! It’s such a great recipe and can be turned into any kind of cake with a few small tweaks. Glad you like it and are using it!

  5. Izabela avatar

    Delicious cake. Just made it but didn’t have raspberries soni used blueberries and added touch of cinnamon to the crust. Delicious!

    1. admin avatar

      Great! Glad you like the recipe – it’s fantastic with any different type of berries or fruit!!

  6. Marillyn@just-making-noise avatar

    Looks fantastic! Love your photography. Think I will try this with different fruits 🙂

    1. admin avatar

      Thank you Marillyn 🙂 it’s a versatile recipe – you can put anything with the base and it will work – berries, stone fruit, bananas…

  7. A P avatar
    A P

    Can the white spelt flour be replaced by white all-purpose flour? Since cacao nib is also not available, can chocolate chip be used

    1. admin avatar

      Hi there – yes you can definitely substitute the spelt for any kind of flour and the cacao nibs for any kind of chocolate 🙂

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