A nice rainy day and a visit to Violet Cakes


Outtake – final Violet Cakes photos at Lovely Food

Ah, I love waking up at 6.30am on a Sunday and coming downstairs with Astrid. Even better this morning it was raining, which meant we didn’t have to go out walking – we could all stay inside and I could secretly get some work done editing photos. Lots of cups of tea later and I’d had enough so off we went out for a lazy Sunday drive – off in the usual East London direction with the promise of a visit to Whole Foods in Stoke Newington.

We got waylaid of course, trying out the coffee from Long White Cloud in Hackney Road. They sell Kiwi Marmite! That made me a happy lady indeed. As did the oat milk latte. Although I think I prefer soy.

Then off to the lovely Violet Cakes in East London – my favourite London cake shop.
Cupcakes for the girls and cupcakes for my camera.

We got home, me small box of cakes in hand. I set about rearranging my office and now et voila I have my studio table in a new spot with good light. A homeless sewing machine but there are worse things right. Which might include a slightly burnt cake (I burnt it) that just will not be photographed!







4 responses to “A nice rainy day and a visit to Violet Cakes”

  1. OhAbigail avatar

    I only wish I could have coming a long on your weekend ride about, sounds lovely! The cake looks like one a friend of mine makes with lavendar and, I think, Lemon. Off to visit Violet Cakes!

  2. Oon avatar

    That table is just wonderful!

  3. sarah avatar

    What a beautiful looking cake. The bakery looks awesome. Next time I am in London I will certainly put it on my itinerary to check out!

  4. Pam avatar

    Hello! Have just discovered your site via my subscription to designskool. Your site is lovely, lovely! could you tell me what camera you use to take your photos? I look forward to your future postings.
    Good wishes, Pam Bailey

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