Little presents for little girlies

Donna Wilson cats

Wrapping cats

It’s Franklin birthday season from late December to early March. Well, late March if you count Mum, which I suppose one should. Just because she’s no longer on this earthly plane doesn’t change her birthday.

And if you count Kevin, birthdays run from late December to early June. Which really does change the whole Franklin birthday dynamic doesn’t it. We used to be all bunched together very neatly. And now we’re not. And if you include Megs in that, which of course you would, then we also include September and then we’re really spread out.

But the girls, the four girls – all have very neat birthdays. And birthday years. Ours are Capricorns, two years apart. And the cousins, they’re both Pisces, also two years apart, and one year younger than each of ours.

So, if you’re not quite sure what that all means, it means; one is five, one is four, one is three and one is two.

Ding dang dong.






2 responses to “Little presents for little girlies”

  1. Anna avatar

    Lovely gifts, Charlotte! And so wonderful for your girls to have cousins near their age — lucky ducks 🙂

  2. Gillian avatar

    Love these cats. My two kids plus four cousins are five, four, four, three, two and two. No more than nine months between any of them (my sisters and I all chose to breed at the same time!). Makes for some crazy but happy play time when we all get together. xx

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