Lemon and Honey cake with Spelt and Einkorn flours


The past few weeks I’ve been playing with some new ingredients. In my quest to bake a decent cake with no butter, sugar or eggs I’ve begun work on removing butter – and had some success on the sugar front.

Replacing the butter, I’ve used coconut oil, which I’ve found works brilliantly as long as I also use it in conjunction with olive oil (50/50). If I don’t use olive oil the first part of the cake process (oil and sugar) doesn’t go white and fluffy. So the olive oil is great for adding volume.

I tried using agave syrup the other week – I used the same amount as sugar but it was far too sweet and made the cake go quite dark so that was no good. I’ve been told to try light Agave next time. In the meantime though I found my favourite honey brand from New Zealand has arrived in the UK, so I bought a jar of Northern Rata to use as my cake sweetener.

This time I used half honey / half sugar, alongside my half coconut / half olive oil mix. Complicated – but so far so good. And good honey isn’t cheap so the sugar stays for now.

My new discovery this week was Einkorn flour – the oldest flour known to mankind. It’s a lovely wholemeal flour and as I like to use a few different flours in my baking I’m happy to add this to the collection. You can substitute it out for spelt or anything else if you can’t find any.

You can also turn this recipe into cupcakes if you like – we did it once and they were lovely. Just decrease the baking time to around 15 minutes and bake until golden brown.

Recipe at Lovely Food.






6 responses to “Lemon and Honey cake with Spelt and Einkorn flours”

  1. Gillian avatar

    A cake without eggs, butter or sugar…you like a challenge! There is a recipe in the Leon baking book for vanilla cupcakes that is made without those, and vegan vanilla icing. It looks good but I’m put off by the LONG list of ingredients that I’ll have to trek all over Leeds for. Maybe when I’m feeling patient I will try it.

  2. Emma Galloway avatar

    You sound like my kind of baker!! I too love the challenge of making recipes healthier 🙂 Thanks so much for your Sweet NZ entry, I’m so glad you have introduced yourself. Your blog is beautiful! xx

  3. After Taste avatar

    What a cute little blog and a delicious looking cake!

  4. Genie avatar

    Hello from Auckland 🙂

    Hey it’s great to see that you can get J.Friend honey in the UK now. But you’re right, good honey doesn’t come cheap. Is there a similar variety of locally grown honey over there? It seems excessive to use NZ honey when you are living in the UK. Surely there are many decent honey producers across Europe?

  5. Alessandra avatar

    Lovely entry for Sweet New Zealand, and I love J. Friend & Co. Honey! I even used the empty pots to make desserts (here: http://alessandrazecchini.blogspot.co.nz/2012/03/three-layer-puddings-in-jar-vanilla.html).


  6. Alli avatar

    Lovely blog indeed, we have added you to the NZFBA members page

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